I teach mathematics at university level. View my staff page at Nottingham Trent University. I am interested in maths education and communicating maths.
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This website houses lists of my publications and talks I have given. View my Google Scholar profile.

The AperiodicalI blog as part of The Aperiodical. Find Features, News, Videos and different Columns, all aimed at a mathematical audience.

My column at The Aperiodical is Travels in a Mathematical World. See all my posts at The Aperiodical.

Math/Maths Podcast

Math/Maths Podcast: a transatlantic audio conversation about mathematics between Peter Rowlett and Samuel Hansen. Currently on hiatus but there are plenty of back episodes.

Travels in a Mathematical World Podcast

Travels in a Mathematical World Podcast: 64 audio episodes of mathematicians speaking in their own words about their work, maths history and maths news.
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