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matches and die mobius strip card puzzle

'Solving it like a mathematician 2011' was a stall at the Big Bang East Midlands STEM Festival on 28th June 2011. Here you can get copies of the stall documents, describing each of the puzzles, and the handout.

I wrote a blog post immediately following the fair, with photos from the day, 'Maths at the East Midlands Big Bang Fair.'

You may also be interested to read about the updated stall we took to the East Midlands Big Bang Fair 2012.'

Handout: Problem solving advice sheet and take away puzzles.

Table top puzzles:

Floor puzzles:

We also had, without advice sheets, Rubik's cubes, wooden puzzles, matchstick games and more.

On the stall were: Peter Rowlett, John Read, Kathryn Taylor, Ian Peatfield, Noel France and Alex Corner.

If you want to find out more about being a mathematician, you could visit the Maths Careers website or listen to the Travels in a Mathematical World Podcast to hear mathematicians speaking about their work.