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Math/Maths Week!

Math/Maths Podcast

Since June, Peter Rowlett and Samuel Hansen have been recording a weekly transatlantic chat about mathematics news called the Math/Maths Podcast. Peter is the "maths" side of the conversation from Nottingham, England, and Samuel is the "math" side from Las Vegas, USA. In November 2010 Samuel will visit Peter in Nottingham for a week of UK-based mathematical activities. Here is the current line up and information we have.

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th November - MathsJam

Update: Listen to Math/Maths Live from MathsJam.

Samuel and Peter will be attending MathsJam, "an opportunity for like-minded self-confessed maths enthusiasts to get together and share stuff they like. Puzzles, games, problems, or just anything they think is cool or interesting." Register quickly!

While at MathsJam, Samuel and Peter are contributing to an evening entertainment event which will include an audience discussion recording for the Math/Maths Podcast. Also, both have offered talks to the main conference program. So come along!

Monday 15th November - Birmingham

On Monday evening Samuel and Peter will give a popular talk on social network theory for the Mathsoc at the University of Birmingham.

Tuesday 16th November - Math/Maths History Tour of Nottingham

Update: While Samuel was in Nottingham Peter took him on a tour of the city's mathematics and computing history highlights. During this tour, the pair recorded content for three videos.

Update: View a map of locations used in these videos: Math/Maths History Tour of Nottingham Locations.

Wednesday 17th November - Math/Maths Live recording, Greenwich

Update: Listen to Math/Maths Live from Greenwich.

The show piece event of the week will be a live recording of the Math/Maths Podcast hosted by the Mathsoc at the University of Greenwich on Wednesday afternoon. We have made a couple of video trailers for this, which you can view as a YouTube playlist below.

You can also listen to an audio promo by Samuel, which fits between 'Math/Maths LIVE Trailer' and 'An appeal, for Samuel Hansen'.

This will include a talk on maths and computing history, the podcast recording and a walk to the Greenwich Royal Observatory and a local pub. Get full details from the Math/Maths Live poster.

You don't presently need to register to attend this event but if we get a lot of interest we may need to worry about the size of the room so it would be really helpful if you could register your attendance in one or more of the following ways:

Friday 19th November - Leicester

On Friday evening Samuel and Peter will give a popular talk on social network theory for the Student Union Maths Society (SUMS) at the University of Leicester. Here is the title and abstract:

Bacon, Small-Worlds, and Your Important Friends: Social Network Theory Explained
Rarely can a day pass without hearing the words "Social Network", but what exactly do these words mean? Social Network Theory is a very young discipline that has intrigued some of the best minds in many different fields, including: Mathematics and Sociology. In our talk we will give a precise definition of Social Networks and outline much of the mathematical foundation of the study of Social Networks. We will also explain just why "Weak Ties" are actually quite strong, why "Your Friends are More Important than You", and just why it really may be a "Small-World" after all. Peppered with real life examples, some even about Bacon, and audience participation, this talk will make sure you never think of Social networks the same way again.

The word from Leicester is that everyone is welcome to come along to this talk so please put the date in your diary. The talk will be at 18:30 in Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 3 (KE LT3) at University of Leicester (campus map).

If you're coming, you can tell us via one of the following methods (though there's no need to):

Saturday 20th November - Early Career Mathematicians Conference, London

On Saturday Samuel and Peter will attend the 13th Early Career Mathematicians Conference, a conference which will "attract mathematicians from around the UK, studying and working in universities, schools and in many sectors of industry" and offer "the opportunity to hear talks and participate in workshops on all aspects of mathematics as well as networking with other mathematicians." They will give a talk about 'Mathematical Podcasting' at 5pm. Anyone can come but you have to register and pay. Book online!