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Chair, From Durer to sudoku: 500 years of recreational maths

British Science Festival 2014, University of Birmingham (06/09/2014).

Session organised on behalf of the British Society for the History of Mathematics and the British Science Association Mathematical Science Section. Abstract:
This year marks the 500th anniversary of German Renaissance artist and mathematician Albrecht Durer's famous engraving Melencolia I. This work has links to the history of geometry, perspective and magic squares. Find out about the mathematics behind this work of art with talks on geometry by John Sharp, magic and Latin squares by Robin Wilson and a mathematical magic show by Peter McOwan in this event chaired by Peter Rowlett.

I teach mathematics at Sheffield Hallam University and am a researcher focused on higher education mathematics educational practice. Find out more about Peter Rowlett. This website also houses lists of my publications and talks I have given.





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