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Individualised formative assessment to encourage discussion of method rather than copying

College of Arts and Science 3rd Annual Learning and Teaching Conference, Nottingham Trent University (04/07/2014).

In mathematics seminars, students are encouraged to work in small groups on formative assessment questions and learn by doing. In practice, this can lead to weaker students simply 'copying along' with their peers and not actually learning anything. An approach was trialled when teaching maths to forensics students where computer-generated questions are used to provide each student with an individualised sheet of exercises. Each student is given a similar but different question, encouraging discussion of method rather than copying answers.
Does this approach work? What do students think? Evaluation will focus on student feedback.

I teach mathematics at Sheffield Hallam University and am a researcher focused on higher education mathematics educational practice. Find out more about Peter Rowlett. This website also houses lists of my publications and talks I have given.





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