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Workshop: Visual impairment in Maths, Stats and OR (MSOR)

Chair, Nottingham Trent University (17/12/2009).

I chaired a one day workshop for the MSOR Network. The abstract is below.

The theme of this workshop is issues surrounding access to and interaction with mathematical content by visually impaired students. The workshop will explore these issues and look at some ways technology can help.

The workshop will be of interest to those wishing to gain an insight into the issues surrounding access to MSOR content and those interested in the use of technology to support teaching and learning by visually impaired students in MSOR subjects. It will offer practical advice for those involved with teaching or supporting such students.

Speakers: Emma Rowlett, Emma Cliffe, Michael Whapples, Eckhard Pfluegel and Alistair Edwards.

View slides from 'Workshop: Visual impairment in Maths, Stats and OR (MSOR)'.