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What is our community talking about? Evidence from the first 20 years of MSOR Connections

CETL-MSOR Conference 2021, Coventry University (03/09/2021). With Alexander S. Corner.

We used an automated literature review method to analyse all articles published in MSOR Connections, a practitioner journal covering teaching, learning, assessment and support in mathematics, statistics and OR, and generate a list of topics that these articles are discussing. We track the popularity of these topics over time, identifying perennial favourites, as well as topics that have risen and declined in popularity, including in the context of the history of the publication and the wider community (of which CETL-MSOR is a part). We discuss our findings for the benefit of practitioner researchers - future authors of MSOR Connections - offering a call to action to either contribute on an existing topic of discourse or, more excitingly, write articles developing a new topic previously missing from the journal.