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Formative e-assessment and screen annotation evaluated via undergraduate projects

departmental seminar, School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, University of Greenwich (03/04/2014).


A first year module on 'mathematical methods' starts in A-level content and moves beyond this during the year. In order to increase engagement, two new aspects were introduced in 2013/14: lecture capture (via on-screen annotation) and formative e-assessment. These changes were investigated and evaluated via two final year undergraduate projects.
One project investigated formative e-assessment, asking how and why students engage with formative assessments, which students engage with formative assessment and how students engage with e-assessment. These questions were explored via interviews with students, a student questionnaire and analysis of formative and summative assessment marks.
The other project investigated lecture capture methods, asking which methods are effective and what effect lecture capture has on student learning. These questions were explored via interviews with staff and a student questionnaire.
This talk will outline these projects and their findings.