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Maths Arcade: developing mathematical thinking

HE STEM Conference 2012, University of Birmingham (04/09/2012).

Workshop with Tony Mann (lead presenter) and Noel-Ann Bradshaw (main contributor but not present). Abstract:
The Maths Arcade is an innovative approach developed at the University of Greenwich which engages students and staff in a mathematical community and develops mathematical thinking through playing and analysing strategy games. This approach was developed locally and extended under the National HE STEM Programme. This has been transferred as established good practice to seven new HEIs (four under the National HE STEM Programme, though with staff time provided locally, and three through wholly local support). This has developed evidence of the applicability and potential for transfer of this activity and eight examples of its use in different institutions.
The activity is very suitable for transfer elsewhere, as local support at the new Maths Arcades has shown. This session aims to give participants information about the existing Maths Arcade provision, an understanding of Maths Arcade activities as students experience this and an understanding of the potential benefits available for new adopters.