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Maths careers and the work of the IMA University Liaison Officer

IMA Scottish Branch, Napier University, Edinburgh (24/02/2009).

Meet Peter Rowlett, IMA University Liaison Officer and find out about the University Liaison initiative. Peter is travelling the country giving a talk to university students which asks: What do mathematics graduates do? And what skills do employers think they lack? This talk will draw on elements of that talk, providing information on the broad range of careers options taken by mathematics graduates and where to find careers advice and inspiration. The talk also considers the skills a mathematics degree imparts and those it perhaps does not.
Looking at what skills employers think mathematics graduates lack will help students in the search for a job. Understanding what assumptions and stereotypes the interviewer has in the back of their mind will aide students in making an impressive application.
This talk will also include some information on the University Liaison initiative and the work of the University Liaison Officer. Peter Rowlett has travelled this month alone from Plymouth to Aberdeen! In the virtual world, the initiative makes use of several social media applications and these will be outlined.