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Mathematics Enrichment: Maths in the News

MEI Conference, Keele University (29/06/2012).

Teacher CPD session at the Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) Conference 2012. The following details appeared on the MEI website in advance of the conference.

There is a surprising amount of interesting news about mathematics and its applications, as well as maths behind news stories, if you know where to look, that could be used for enrichment. This talk will detail some recent examples of maths in the news, bad maths, famous results and regular events to follow.
Who is this session for?
Teachers who are looking for a way to connect maths to what is happening in the world.
More about the speaker
Peter Rowlett works in mathematics teaching at higher education level and is interested in mathematics communication and history of mathematics. He talks weekly with Samuel Hansen in America for the "Math/Maths Podcast", highlighting maths news.